Thursday, 7 May 2015

Shital – Miss Heritage international

Shital K Upare – a name to bang upon Culture and Heritage
Entertainment industry always have a demand among people as this brings relaxation and pleasure to individuals coming back home after the long work schedule and stressed out life. Actors, models and television artists play a vital role in entertainment network. Shital K Upare is one among the well known Indian film actress who is well known for being theatre artist and model. She is an actress not only made for the commercial role; rather her acting becomes more realistic with intellectual roles. She also won her International beauty pageant as her first debeu in Marathi Film.

Family background and childhood
The actress and model, Shital Upare or Shital K Upare was born in a city named as Yavatmal of Maharashtra. She belongs to a nuclear family of 4 members where each one is directly or indirectly related to medical profession. Shital with her major in psychology was also linked with one of the world’s largest airline being personnel in the field of aviation.

Shital’s belief

Shital has a very strong belief towards the Lord Buddha. She was highly inspired with the peace and mercy spread by this religion. There are proofs of her touching feet of junior and senior monk and taking blessing before she go ahead with an important assignment or task. She regards them to be pious which can easily bring success to whatever work she wishes to proceed with.
Shital – Miss Heritage international
Shital Upare also represented India in the finale of the contest- Miss Heritage International. An event taken place in Nepal of Katmandu had 60 participants who contested among each other and 20 were selected as the finalist. Shital Upare was one among the top 20 finalist who were selected by the judge panel of Miss Heritage international contest. The participants of these contents wore very colorful and different costumes that represent different countries and its heritage along with its culture and tradition. Shital had to work really hard in preparing herself for MHI 14. There were different stages of the contest where she represented her country by wearing different costumes. She was also projected with the national costume of India i.e the costume of peacock. She wore a costume which made her look exactly like a peacock. The costume has green color body with peacock blue wings and crown over the head that include the features of peacock.  
Shital – Career in Acting and Modeling

The actor and model, shital K also won the title of ‘Miss Vidharbha 2008’. The model won various titles for her beauty and brains. One among which is known as ‘Miss Indian Princess International.’ She acted in various theatres and also engaged in the profession of modeling for a long time. She shot various movies which also earned her public demand and appreciation. Her films were all super hit with maximum demand of viewers from various parts of nation. She also won another reward and title of ‘Perfect Miss Mumbai.’ Even the miss progress International India was taken up by Shital Upare.